Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Saliva is nature's glue." "And raisins are nature's candy!"

I went to the museum yesterday, thinking I’d scope it out and see if maybe I could volunteer there.  It’s an okay museum, if a little confusing: not only are there waaay too many artifacts in a case (which, yeah, I can see doing if you’re trying to demonstrate the diversity of material culture, but this was slightly ridiculous), something about their information plaques was just.  Off.

It was hard to put my finger on it at the time, and between thinking “Everything’s in past tense, like Maori/Polynesian culture has already happened and isn’t anymore” and wondering about how authentic traditional Maori dances are when they’re being performed in an institution for visitors (not that it’s not a valid experience, and not that performers or the audience are getting any less fulfillment from it) I’ve decided that there’s this sneaky postcolonial vibe going on there.  It was very off-putting, and disheartening to realize that even the trained professionals have a hard time recognizing their own biases.

Mr. T informed me that apparently they had a huge staff turnover recently, with some new madam curator from South Africa coming in and practically overhauling everything, and that the friends he has that work there are unhappy with the changes she’s made. 

So0000…I don’t think I want to work there.  Not to mention the fact that they’re not hiring, and they don’t accept volunteers.


I’m going to Christchurch tomorrow, then on to Kaikoura.  Hopefully the boss-peoples will let me stay a while; if not, I’ll work on some applications to be an apple-picker.  I could make up to $180 NZD a day! Wouldn’t that be sweet? BA-DUM-CHA.

PS—Korean barbecue=the best ever and it is absolutely a crime against all that is good that I have never eaten at one before.

That is all. 

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