Monday, November 1, 2010

"Don't dip your oar in this sordid sea, Dick. You might be besmirched."


I am hardcore excited, because it’s now one of my favorite months. :DD

The best part?  IT’S SPRING HERE. 

It’s a Spring-y November.  And this wonderful country’s preoccupation with keeping up with the Joneses (…or rather, the Northern Hemisphere) means that it’s pumpkin-time everywhere.  

With no added winter!  No bracing winds, no sleet, no need to dress in three layers before braving the outside.  Glorious!

(So now I can have my pumpkin soup and have my sunshine, too!)


I’m reading like I haven’t read in years, now, and it’s a beautiful feeling.  All this freedom means I’m being a little rebel, too, and reading about 6 books at a time:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
The Art of War
Water for Elephants
How to Analyze People on Sight (although it’s so arrogant and ethnocentric and laughable I can’t quite take it anymore)
Paradise Lost
My Man Jeeves


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