Thursday, October 21, 2010

"From now on, I'm Professor...Incorrigible! ...Professor Inscrutable? Professor Indomitable. Professor Indo-China!"


So I'm sure both my blog name and web address are completely baffling, so here's a little story to celebrate new beginnings and all that:

There once was a little girl who liked to swim in piles of autumn leaves and eat guacamole and play in the mud.  One day, when her family was visiting for Christmas, her uncle saw her playing by herself.  He asked her what she was doing, and she responded, "Making stew-pot-tea," and offered him a taste.

He declined.

But the story lived on, shared frequently amongst her relatives, until she grew to be an adult--at which point the story made it back to her (who only had memories of making mud pies with twigs and juniper berries, and never this stew-pot-tea business).  She was embarrassed, and slightly proud of her creative faculties at 4-or-5-or-6, and therewith created this blog.

Seriously, it's such a bizarre combination of nouns, I doubt anyone would forget it.  Thus:

TADA! Have a picture (that made me laugh like the nerd I am):

funny puns-Transformers

PS--this blog is intended for travel purposes, not reminiscing about childhood memories, but if it slips in here and there, so be it.  Cheers!

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